Featured Exhibitor: Chena River Marblers

Regina and Dan St. John of Chena River Marblers have been fulltime professional marblers for over 32 years. Their main product is marbled paper and they specialize in marbling the edges of books.

While in the past they relied on acrylic paints, Chena River has recently begun using techniques from the pre-twentieth and nineteenth century for their work. They now make their own paints from raw pigments and binders. This process allows bees wax to be embedded into the paint, providing a finished paper which can be burnished both for protection and for a glossy surface. Chena River can now create authentic period papers for restoration bindings. Due to the wide range of pigments now available, including pearlescents and metallics, Chena River is also able to create new and strikingly modern patterns not possible with acrylic paints.

Chena River Marblers will be exhibiting a selection of marbled paper as well as a variety of gift products made from hand-marbled paper and silk at the fair. Paper items include notepads, journals, and book jewelry products. Silk items include marbled scarves, ties, and other accessories.

Regina and Dan are committed to teaching their craft to others in order to inspire a new generation of marblers. One of their main objectives is the preservation and survival of this unique art form which has beautified books for centuries.

Their website is: www.chenarivermarblers.com

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