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Featured Exhibitor: Jerry Fredette

Standing in line to get a signed copy of your favorite book is a norm in society these days, so is paying a fortune for your favorite artist's signed piece of work. What most people don’t consider though, is that many of the big names we know and recognize have several signed copies already out there. Jerry Fredette, owner of Bear Hollow Antiques in Haydenville, is an avid dealer, and a longtime member of the Pioneer Valley Antique Dealers Association.

In his prime years, Jerry’s career was centered around printing. He owned his own graphic printing company in West Springfield Massachusetts for 18 years. Earlier, towards the beginning of his printing journey, he worked for a photoengraver who made printer plates. It was there that he met and became friends with Asa Cheffetz during the late 1950’s. It was because of these experiences and relationships that Jerry began going to antique sales when he wasn’t busy running his own company. At these sales he encountered a significant amount of Asa Cheffetz’s work that he started collecting. These sales and the works of art that he found at them, acted as the stepping stones to pique his interest in antique papers and prints, a hobby since retirement for the past 25 years.

Today, Jerry is still enjoying the history and story

left behind in every artist’s signed pieces of work. He specializes in wood engravings, stone lithographs, etchings, and more, in both black and white and in color. At this year's Northampton Antiquarian Book, Ephemera, and Book Arts Fair, Jerry is particularly excited to showcase prints from Leonard Baskin, Michael McCurdy, and Jack Coughlin. He’s sold several pieces from these artists over the years and is looking forward to attending the fair. For Jerry these book fairs and antique shows bring him joy and excitement at the opportunity to participate and discuss with other exhibitors, artists, and clients some of their favorite works. Jerry shares, “that’s probably the most enjoyable part, is just being at a show and meeting people.”

*Featured above is is a wood engraving created by Fritz Eichenberg for the cover of Jane Eyre, and a signed etching of Billie Holiday by Jack Coughlin.

Written by Meghan Cenci: Posted on October 12th, 2022


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